Not sure if this lady was being rude or not…

I was checking in a guest this morning and she made the comment that I must not have a boyfriend because of the shift that I was working (over night for those of you not familiar with my schedule) and continued by saying that no man would let his girl work a shift like this.

I affirmed that I was indeed single and enjoying my single life thus far and that if I was dating someone that they’d either deal with my shift or work something similar as I enjoy my overnights.

I really don’t get why that’s a thing, that ‘no man would let his girl do blah blah.’

No, I do what I want because I am a 24 year old adult with a paying job and happens to be awake and active at this hour of day. If I let a man decide what is best for me I’d be a pregnant housewife miserable out of my fucking gourd.

Fuck your traditional standards.

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